Alien Invasion

The game is an RPG-idler where you need to devour station workers by aliens in order to upgrade your skills. Workers appear at fixed spawn points. More fleshy opponents gradually become available. This requires more resources for further pumping.
Resources are extracted in small quantities, which is proposed to be compensated by viewing advertising. For viewing a rewarded video, a significant amount of resources is given. This makes the offer extremely attractive.

I was attracted here by the mechanics of skipping rewarded video for tokens. There is a separate token for each resource, which allows you to comfortably control the ability to display rewardeds even if the player has tokens. Since there remain rewarded videos with resources in the reward, for which tokens are not provided.
At the same time, the offer to purchase more resources after viewing the reward and receiving a reward is very well implemented. For me, it would be possible to add information about the amount of profit from each pack to make the benefits more obvious.

The game can be found on Google Play or AppStore